Secret Pencils

This unique photography project reveals the secrets within the pencils of some of the world’s leading creatives. The pencils are presented in incredible and striking detail using an innovative and beautiful photographic technique. The humble pencil is shown to be at the centre of the creative process, as much an expression of the artist as a tool for expression.

By coincidence Children in Crisis, which protects and educates disadvantaged children in countries affected by conflict, uses a pencil as its logo, believing that by placing a pencil in a child’s hand and allowing them their basic right to education, huge potential can be unleashed. Joe and Mike immediately saw the synergy between Children in Crisis and the project, which was already looking for a charity to support.

The Secret Life of the Pencil is a collection of photographs of pencils belonging to top creative people, documenting them in remarkable detail and revealing an insight into their users. People such as David Bailey, Stephen Fry, Anish Kapoor, Tom Dixon, Alexander McCall Smith and importantly Sir Paul Smith.

We completed an Exhibition display for Secret Pencils at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5a.