Arinobu Fukuhara was working as chief pharmacist in a naval hospital at the meager age of 23 years old when he and his colleagues, also in their early 20’s, founded the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan.

The name “Shiseido” was chosen by the young pharmacist, with the words taken from a passage in I Ching meaning, Do (堂): “house of”, Shi Sei (資生): “where everything is born.” The whole passage reads “Praise the virtues of the earth that is where anything and everything is born from”.

Shiseido has a rich and vibrant history. More than merely a beauty brand, for over 140 years the company has always provided inspiration by being innovative and creative, producing timeless products and remaining a leader in the field of beauty and skincare.

P&A Shopfitting successfully completed a temporary pop up store for Shiseido Red within the World Duty Free store at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.